Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Review

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror ReviewIt is the dream of every young girl to look like a princess, and we all know that little girls love to experiment with make-up. If you are a mother and you are tired of cleaning the make-up after your girl tried every single lipstick, then you should know that the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is the best choice. With this stylish and innovative device, the little one can now find a new look and she will surely not get bored. In this Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror review you will find out more about this product that saves mothers a lot of time, money and trouble, and gives little girls the freedom to experiment with make-up!

Main Features

The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror comes with an applicator wand and a vanity case – also, you can easily download a free application for iPhone that will allow you to use the special applicator wand to add a little make-up. No matter if you want to add a bit of glitter to your cheeks, some shadow to your eyes or a beautiful lipstick, the magic wand will let you do all this. The good news is that you do not even need to invest in expensive, messy make-up products anymore!

One of the features embedded in this popular Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is the face tracking technology, which basically tracks your face to ensure accurate and hassle-free make-up. Even when the girl changes her facial expressions, the face recognition and tracking program will be able to detect that and to adjust the make-up accordingly, so that the girl will see herself in the mirror exactly as if she would be wearing make-up in the real life. The make-up is mess-free and the vanity needs three AA batteries to function. Basically, all you need to do is to slide your iPad into the special vanity frame and it will instantly turn into a magic vanity. The device is very straightforward and easy to use, as all you need to do is to look in the mirror and select the desired make-up product.

The digital scrapbook feature is also very beneficial, as it will keep your girl entertained and interested – she can now experiment with different types of make-up and create a scrapbook with the ones that best suit her, thanks to the cutting edge technology that is embedded in this device.

The device is quite versatile, as it comes with Bluetooth connectivity and it is designed for all types of iPad – it works perfectly with the 4th generation of iPad, and it is also suitable for the previous versions of the tablet, the 3rd and the 2nd generation – as a matter of fact, the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror can even be used for iPad Mini as well.

Benefits Of The Barbie Mirror

The product comes with a convenient price of $48.99 on Amazon, which means that you save no less than $21.00 (approximately 30% of the total price of the product). Also, if you order the product right away you will have it delivered in gift-wrap and you will get free shipping along with that.

An important advantage of the Barbie Digital Makeover device is that not only is it very cost-effective (as opposed to the usually high price of real make-up), but your girl is a lot safer by using this device, especially since make-up is not suitable for very young girls. Also, this will save you a lot of time as well, since you will no longer have to clean up after her.

The device has a very interactive interface – whenever you slide the iPad into the frame, the device’s lights automatically turn on and the front-facing camera starts tracking your face, to ensure the best results. With the applicator wand which acts like a magic want you can add all sorts of make-up to your face – also, the “erase” feature will allow you to remove the make-up you no longer desire. The device is so feature-rich that your girl will need several hours to fully explore all the options!


The Downsides


There are not any significant downsides to this digital vanity, apart from the fact that it is recommended for girls ages 6 or up. The toy comes with a choking hazard and a warning that it is not suitable for younger girls, as they may tend to swallow the pieces.




If your girl is into make-up and you want a cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to classic make-up as we know it, then the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is exactly the device for you. Order it before the holidays come, just to make sure the product is on stock and to prevent disappointment!



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